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These pricing options provide flexibility for Aliancy Technologies to choose the package and frequency of services that best suit their needs and budget. Additionally, the Custom Plan option allows for further customization based on specific requirements.

  1. Basic Package – Essentials for Online Presence:
    “Our Basic Package offers the fundamental elements to establish your brand’s online presence. From crafting a memorable logo to creating eye-catching social media graphics and simple business card designs, we provide the essential building blocks for your brand identity.”
  2. Startup Package – Establishing Brand Identity:
    “With our Startup Package, we help you lay the foundation for a strong brand identity. From developing a unique logo with multiple concepts and revisions to designing comprehensive branding collateral and social media kits, we empower startups to make a memorable impression in the market.”
  3. Professional Package – Comprehensive Branding Solutions:
    “Our Professional Package offers comprehensive branding solutions to elevate your brand to the next level. With a focus on creativity and consistency, we provide sophisticated logo designs, detailed brand style guides, captivating marketing collateral, and customized website graphics to ensure a cohesive and impactful brand presence across all channels.”
  4. Business Package – Advanced Branding and Marketing Solutions:
    “For businesses looking to stand out in a crowded marketplace, our Business Package delivers advanced branding and marketing solutions. From unlimited logo concepts and revisions to a complete brand identity package, dynamic marketing campaign graphics, and bespoke illustrations or infographics, we offer tailored solutions to drive your brand’s success.”
  5. Custom Package – Tailored Solutions to Meet Specific Needs:
    “With our Custom Package, we offer tailored graphic design solutions to address your unique requirements and objectives. Whether you need specialized design services, flexible pricing options, or custom quotes based on project scope and complexity, we’re committed to delivering personalized solutions that exceed your expectations.”

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